Care Instructions – Looking after your Jump Junior clothing:

Our Jump Junior garments are made from soft wool and wool blends, are all natural, and biodegradable. With care your Jump Junior garment will survive years of wear, keeping a whole tribe of little Adventurers warm and cosy.

Jump Junior garments are machine-washable and can be washed on the Wool or Delicates programme of your machine; a cycle that uses a gentle action at a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Washing inside out will protect the surface from premature ageing and preserve the rich colours of the yarn. Always wash like colours together.

Use a neutral, mild detergent – preferably one that is planet-friendly! Never use bleach, chlorine or oxygen-based products.

Jump Junior garment can also be washed by hand; dry cleaned by a professional, reputable Dry Cleaner; or you can steam your garment if preferred.
Steam iron gently and without weight in the knitwear as this will flatten the knitted structure. Re-shape whilst warm.

Your Jump Junior garment should be left to dry naturally whenever possible. Re-shape and press flat when damp, and dry flat, preferably on a towel or lint-free cloth. Small garments can be line-dried as they are light and should not distort.

Do not tumble dry.